Business Trust & Why You MUST Have It!

The #1 issue that any business faces is establishing and maintaining trust with their customers. This is especially true for new businesses who don’t have the existing customer base or brand name that enhances their business image and inherent legitimacy.

What is Business Trust?

Business Trust comes from the core belief that your potential customer has a certain level of confidence to conduct business with your company. Every customer has a different confidence threshold that your business must meet in order for the customer to buy from you. This confidence threshold is made up of the following things:

Legitimacy   Customers buy from legal businesses.
Honest Fulfillment   Advertising accurately and truthfully as well as fulfilling every order as you say you will brings return customers.
Protection of Personal Information   Identity theft is rampant in today’s world and credit card fraud is a huge hassle for consumers. Not to mention the huge penalties imposed on companies that have security breaches.
Simplicity   Complex product descriptions, obnoxious advertisements, and cluttered or confusing websites can instantly turn a customer away or portray your business as "out to get them".

How TRUSTmonitor Helps You Build Trust
Click here for TrustMonitor security certificate details.

Click here for TrustMonitor security certificate details.


Our Security Seals really go the extra mile in ensuring that you build the necessary Trust with your customers. This seal is displayed on your website and shows your level of effort to prove you are a real business.

However, this seal also tackles the very important issue of personal information protection. We perform a deep scan on your website as well as daily checks to ensure that all known vulnerabilities and threats that hackers utilize are remedied on your site. Once you are Security Verified you AND your customers can have piece of mind that the information in your database (credit cards, addresses, etc.) is safe from harms way.

This seal includes the following:

  • Business Verification Services (legal status, email, phone, address, etc.)
  • Daily Security Scans of your entire website (homepage plus any subpages, forms, secure areas, etc.)
  • Daily alerts of any threats found
  • On-demand scan reports listing any issues found and step-by-step solution guides
  • PCI DSS Compliance **COMING SOON!**

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