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Report TRUSTmonitor Seal Misuse

We strive on a daily basis to ensure that our network of businesses is a legitimate and secure group that customers can feel confident doing business with. However, as with many things in the world, people sometimes feel the need to cheat the system and misuse the network that you are a part of.

In most cases, the mis-users have copied the seal off of an existing TRUSTmonitor client and are using a static image on their site. They may even go as far as to doctor their own image with their website on the seal and update it everyday with the correct date. In any case, this is NOT a legal TRUSTmonitor seal and does not come with the Trust and Reputation services that we offer.

With that in mind, we take any seal misuse very seriously and follow up on all leads. If you know about any seal misuse or have been victim of a site that claims to have a TRUSTmonitor seal but yet did not live up to the proper standards, please report the site using the form below.

Note: Reports can be made anonymously, but we do prefer to have reference and background information on any misuse. In all cases, we observe your right to privacy and will never release your information to the mis-user.

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