Secure Your Website & Information
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Whether you collect credit cards or simply names and email addresses, it is imperative that your website is secure for your customers. TRUSTmonitor Security Verified clients are tested on a daily basis against the latest known vulnerabilities and threats that hackers are using.

TRUSTmonitor Seals tackle the very important issue of personal information protection and dramatically increase the your Business Trust with your customers. They are designed for businesses that are dedicated to proving their trustworthiness to their potential customers. Third-party verification, as with TRUSTmonitor, gives independent proof that your company is legitimate and that consumers can trust that you will conduct business ethically and honestly. Learn more about Business Trust and why you MUST HAVE IT!

In order to become Security Verified, all TRUSTmonitor clients undergo a deep security scan of their homepage and all subsequent pages making up their entire website. This includes any forms, data collection pages, or secure areas that hackers would want specific access to. We also use the latest techniques that hackers have developed to see if we can “ethically hack” your website to imitate and ultimately prevent a real threat from a malicious user. This is the best proven method to determine if your website has holes or vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

We will also validate all of the relevant business information that a potential customer would need to know in order to believe your business is trustworthy. This includes basic information such as phone, email, and business address. It also includes more fundamental information such checking the legal status of the business and verifying owner information. This Business Certification ensures that all TRUSTmonitor clients are valid and legitimate businesses, and not phishing websites setup to mislead consumers.

The TRUSTmonitor seal is displayed on your website (in a location of your choice) and shows your customers that you have been tested as secure. When a customer clicks on your seal, they can review your verified business and security information and feel even more confident that they are dealing with a reputable company.

We currently offer our Security Verified seal in two sizes and each comes customized with your own website URL displayed on the seal:

Click here for TrustMonitor security certificate details. Click here for TrustMonitor security certificate details.

We offer 2 seal layouts to best suit the look and feel of your website.

All TRUSTmonitor Security seals include the following:

  • Business Verification services including the following:
    • Check Business legal status & collect owner information
    • Verify Business address
    • Verify phone number
    • Verify fax number (optional)
    • Verify main contact email
  • Daily Security Scans of your entire website (homepage plus any subpages, forms, secure areas, etc.)
  • Daily alerts of any threats found
  • On-demand scan reports listing any issues found and step-by-step solution guides
  • PCI DSS Compliance **COMING SOON!**

TRUSTmonitor Certification Process
STEP 1 -

  Business Verification
  • Verify your business filing that lists your legal business name (i.e. Articles of Organization/information, DBA filing, etc.)
  • Verify your business address through the US Mail or visit
  • Verify your business phone number, fax, and email to ensure all are active and accurate

Deep vulnerability scan of your entire website

STEP 2 -   Delivery and Review of initial report. Depending on the severity of the issues found, they may need to be remedied before Certification and a Seal can be issued.

STEP 3 -   Issuance of Security Certification and Seal

Security Verified Seal is made available for insertion on your website, with your URL posted on the seal to prevent fraud
STEP 4 -   Daily scanning of your website. Any issues found are sent to you via email on the day they are found.

If your business information ever changes, you will need to inform TRUSTmonitor of those changes so we can update/verify accordingly